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NCAA Tournament and Gopher Basketball on the Bubble Watch, frozen bubbles

As the polar vortex freezes all of the midwest, here is the frozen bubble watch for the ncaa tournament

In case you hadn’t heard, it is kind of cold today. So cold that you can blow a bubble and it will freeze, making it really difficult to pop. The Gophers currently have a solid bubble, though it is far from unpoppable. Here is where we sit today as we head into tonight’s Illinois game.

Current Status...

IN and above the play-in games

Beating Iowa was nice and the Gophers are in a safe position for now, but things don’t get any easier.

The Resume

Record: 15-5
NCAA Net Ranking: 50
Record v NET 1-50: 4-2

Good Wins: @Wisconsin, Washington (N), Nebraska, Iowa

Bad Losses: @Boston College, @Illinois

One really good road win, a nice neutral win and then two home wins over ranked teams. The Illinois loss was bad, not just because of the loss but losing by 27 was really bad and hurts the NET.

The Bubble

Here are the rest of the bubble teams...

Safely In (for now) - it is as much about what these other teams do as it matters what you do. The Gophers took care of their end, while many other bubble teams lost last week. They are moving up the bubble...for now.

  • Indiana (44 NET) - probably very safe and above the bubble for now.
  • Minnesota (50) - A win over Iowa and a close road loss made their NET ranking jump from mid-60s to 50. Illinois at home then a road trip to Purdue.
  • St. John’s (48) - back to back losses and now a trip to Creighton, things are trending in the wrong direction for the Red Storm.
  • Central Florida (42) - 20 point loss at Memphis isn’t great, UConn this week before a big game hosting Houston next week.
  • Seton Hall (62) - four consecutive losses here including DePaul at home.
  • Alabama (43) - close loss at Baylor on Saturday but made up for it with a home win over Mississippi State. Up next is a trip to Auburn.
  • VCU (56) - Big game on Saturday with league leading George Mason coming to town.

Straddling the Bubble - depends on which bracketology you look at, some have these teams sneaking in, some have them falling out.

  • Arizona State (64) - mostly in, but loss at USC wasn’t great
  • Temple (60) - at Houston on Thursday where they really can’t get blown out
  • Florida (39) - a couple home games this week gives the Gators a chance to move back up the bubble
  • Butler (51) - three straight losses here and Marquette tonight

Outside Looking In

  • Creighton (57) - seemingly the only Big East team not on a losing streak and two home games this week
  • San Francisco (46) - at St. Mary’s this weekend in a huge WCC game for both teams
  • Utah State (41) - also a couple home games this week to move their way up
  • Arizona (67) - 0-2 last week against USC and UCLA, not a good week for the Wildcats. Just one game this week against in-state rival Arizona State

Gopher Fan Rooting Interests

  • Washington - Always Washington. Go Huskies.
  • WIN BABY - Must beat Illinois, you can’t go 0-2 to the Illini and expect to stay above the bubble fray.
  • VCU - George Mason isn’t going to make it as an at-large, we’d prefer VCU take the league and then reduce the A10 bids by one.
  • Big East - I think we want Creighton and Providence to beat St. Johns and Seton Hall respectively. All the Big East teams to move toward mediocrity is in our best interest.