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Minnesota Football vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers: Staff Predictions

Time to avenge last season.

The Minnesota Gophers are 5-0 following complete game victory over Illinois that was mostly smooth and never in doubt. Their prize? A chance to avenge another Robb Smith induced boat race loss to a B1G West Opponent and remain undefeated. All that stands in their way is a unpredictable and flawed Nebraska team that should have lost to the squad the Gophers just put away easily. How do you think that has the TDG staff feeling?

The predictions

This week’s thoughts

Blake Ruane: 5-0 record. Top 25 ranking. Lots of optimism. This has all the makings of a classic letdown. But it’s also an opportunity for P.J. Fleck and co. to buck that trend. The Gophers get it done.

GoAUpher: I’m still not comfortable assuming that Minnesota wins by more than one score. However, I am comfortable saying Minnesota gets to 6-0. Adrian Martinez or no, the Gophers are the better team in my opinion and in the opinion of the advanced stats #maths that have now been given more than enough time to become more predictive.

gopherguy05: It sounds like it will be a clod sloppy game potentially which could factor in a bit less of the pasing game, but then again who knows. Every prediction I make on what facet of the Gopher offense will succeed is wrong, but someone always seems to succeed. So Minnesota pulls out a tight one because until they don’t thats a safe choice.

Gopher Nation: It worked for me last week. GoAUpher Note: We give out Homer of the Week to the person with the biggest margin of victory regardless of whether it’s a bit. Congrats GN!

HipsterGopher: On 10/2/1943 Minnesota beat the piss out of Nebraska 54-0. How funny would it be if that happened again? NOTE: My bit for guessing the scores this year will be to match them up with previous Minnesota games. I’m going to be extremely correct on all of these.

mowe0018: Due to it being in the mid to 30s with rain/snow and gusty winds in the forecast, both QBs throw for under 150 yards and less than 50% completion percentage. Gophers’ defense forces more turnovers and superior running game wins it for them.

UStreet: If the weather is bad for running the ball, I like the team with multiple NFL prospects at WR.

wildcat00: It’s going to be ugly, weather-wise and probably football-wise. I don’t think the Huskers are terrible, but I think the Gophers are marginally better and the Minnesota run game is better, so I’ll go with the sloppy-but-close win

White Speed Receiver: Nebraska has looked poor because they’re not a good football team. Minnesota has looked poor because prior to the Illinois game it seems like part of the game plan was to shoot ourselves in the dick repeatedly. If we’ve truly fixed that, we’re not going to have a problem with another yet mediocre football team, since we’ve already beaten Purdue and Illinois.

zipsofakron: Does the fact that Minnesota is touchdown+ favorite going into this one make you want to throw up with anticipation? Do you really believe it deep down? We’ve been here before haven’t we? A win here and all of a sudden the season is “legitimate.”

I’m putting $50 on Nebraska just in case.

Season “record” so far

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