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TDG Fan Pulse—Week 7—National Respect!

Minnesota moves into the National Top 25 for the first time!

Nebraska v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

6-0, and apparently thats good enough to finally garner some national attention! While you the TDG readers have been giving the Minnesota Golden Gophers respect for a few weeks now, this week was finally enough to get the national voters on board! You the TDG readers have the Gophers ranked #14 this week up from #21 a week ago, while the national voters have the Gophers slotted in at #15, their first ranking of the year!

Here is how you the TDG readers ranked the Top 25. Previous weeks rankings in parentheses:

  1. Alabama 6-0 (1)
  2. LSU 6-0 (5)
  3. Ohio State 6-0 (2)
  4. Clemson 6-0 (3)
  5. Oklahoma 6-0 (6)
  6. Wisconsin 6-0 (8)
  7. Penn State 6-0 (9)
  8. Auburn 5-1 (12)
  9. Notre Dame 5-1 (10)
  10. Georgia 5-1 (4)
  11. Oregon 5-1 (13)
  12. Florida 5-1 (7)
  13. Boise State 6-0 (14)
  14. Minnesota 6-0 (21)
  15. Texas 4-2 (11)
  16. SMU 6-0 (22)
  17. Utah 5-1 (16)
  18. Michigan 5-1 (15)
  19. Arizona State 5-1 (19)
  20. Missouri 5-1 (NR)
  21. Baylor 6-0 (NR)
  22. Cincinnati 5-1 (NR)
  23. Wake Forest 5-1 (20)
  24. Virginia 4-2 (24)
  25. Iowa 4-2 (17)

Alabama remains on top but watch LSU jumping up from #5 to #2 with a big win at Florida. The badgers jump up two slots to #6 after another shutout, this time over Michigan State. Auburn bounces up to #8 from #12, and the Gophers are the big riser this week jumping up seven spots. Right beind them are SMU jumping up six spots, and Missouri entering the poll jumping five.

The losers this week got hit hard. Georgia goes from four to ten with their loss to South Carolna, while Florida drops five spots to #12 with their loss to LSU. Texas drops four after losing to Oklahoma, Michigan drops three after a close win over Illinois, and Iowa takes the biggest drop down eight spots after their second straight loss.

Here is how the national poll shook out:

With Minnesota jumping up to #15 nationally, it was fun to see where the other fan blogs had the Gophers ranked. Every single voting blog had Minnesota ranked this week with a spread from #11 to #18. Kansas State was the school giving the Gophers the most credit ranking them #11, while a majority of the schools had Minnesota in the 14-16 range. Four fellow Big Ten schools are not quite all in on the Minnesota hype as Michigan State, Maryland and Wisconsin all ranked the Gophers #17 and one school-of course it was Iowa had them ranked #18.

The question of the week asked who would be your favorite for the Heisman Tropy if you had to vote today. A pair of QB’s lead the voting, but maybe not the one QB you might think ended up on top.

Joe Burrow (LSU) - 35.2%

Jalen Hurts (Oklahoma) - 24.4%

Jonathan Taylor (Wisconsin) - 21.3%

Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama) - 10.9%

Justin Fields (Ohio State) - 6.2%

Trevor Lawrence (Clemson) - 2%

But What About How We Feel About the Gophers?

I know it probably will come as a shock (sarcasm font) but for the third week in a row confidence is at a complete 100% in the direction of the Gopher program.

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