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Minnesota Football vs. Rutgers Scarlet Knights: Staff Predictions

A blowout would be nice.

Why are we doing a predictions post during a bye week Rutgers week? Because we’re slaves to tradition here at TDG. Sure, Rutgers is terrible and there’s no suspense in whether anyone on staff will pick a Minnesota win or loss. But that doesn’t mean we can just skip out on making a new nifty graphic!

The predictions

This week’s thoughts

Blake Ruane: It’s Rutgers.

GoAUpher: Rutgers is bad. The potential for a letdown is there but I don’t think we’ll see it. Please note that if I’m right and Rutgers has 10 points I bet it’s because we gifted them some with a turnover returned for a touchdown. I really doubt their offense has 10 points in them.

gopherguy05: It probably shouldn’t be this close but the Gophers are due an eyes off the prize type of game. hopefully I’m wrong and we see nothing but second stringers in the fourth quarter while the Gophers are up 30 points.

Gopher Nation: This one might actually be pretty close. But I’m expecting a slight let down.*

HipsterGopher: Exactly like the 2016 game, this matchup is something of a trap game for Minnesota. Luckily they survive. NOTE: My bit for guessing the scores this year will be to match them up with previous Minnesota games. Rutgers has only played Minnesota once so...yea.

mowe0018: Consider this a reverse jinx. I am taking it upon myself to be wrong about covering because most of my colleagues don’t seem concerned with jinxing this team.

UStreet: Rutgers is worse than Nebraska.

wildcat00: At 5-0, the Gophers are due for a letdown, but it won’t happen against Rutgers. Because Rutgers is bad.

White Speed Receiver: I have no idea what’ll happen here. We should win easily, but I worry that Kirk will go into a shell again and it’ll be closer than it should be. I asked a Receiverling what she thought it’d be, and she said it’d be the biggest win ever. Who am I to argue?

GoAUpher Note: I tip my cap to the little Receiverling for finding a way to out-homer GN’s homer bit. Homer of the Week to WSReceiverling!

zipsofakron: Rutgers has scored one TD in the last 15 quarters. I don’t think the Gophers put the hammer down, but they’ll win easily.

*I see what you did there.

Season “record” so far

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