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TDG Fan Pulse Week 8: The Gophers continue to Rise

The Gophers move up to #14 nationally

Nebraska v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Minnesota Golden Gophers move up one spot in the national Fan Pulse Poll this week after a 42-7 whooping of Rutgers. Minnesota is ranked #14 nationally, and you the TDG readers bumped Minnesota up to #12 on your ballots. 7-0!

Here is how you the TDG readers ranked the Top 25. Previous weeks rankings in parentheses:

  1. Alabama (7-0) (1)
  2. LSU (7-0) (2)
  3. Ohio State (7-0) (3)
  4. Clemson (7-0) (4)
  5. Oklahoma (7-0) (5)
  6. Penn State (7-0) (7)
  7. Auburn (6-1) (8)
  8. Georgia (6-1) (10)
  9. Florida (7-1) (12)
  10. Notre Dame (5-1) (9)
  11. Oregon (6-1) (11)
  12. Minnesota (7-0) (14)
  13. SMU (7-0) (16)
  14. Utah (6-1) (17)
  15. Baylor (7-0) (21)
  16. Wisconsin (6-1) (6)
  17. Texas (5-2) (15)
  18. Cincinnati (6-1) (22)
  19. App State (6-0) (NR)
  20. Wake Forest (6-1) (23)
  21. Arizona State (5-2) (19)
  22. Boise State (6-1) (13)
  23. Virginia (5-2) (24)
  24. San Diego State (6-1) (NR)
  25. Michigan (5-2) (18)

The top five remain the same with Penn State moving up one spot to the six slot. Georgia and Florida taking advantage of some other losses to jump up some spots. The remaining undefeated teams all took a nice jump with Minnesota moving up two, SMU three, Baylor six, and App State at least six into the rankings for the first time.

If you were upset this week, the voters harshly punished you. The badgers drop ten spots from six to sixteen after losing to Illinois. Boise State does almost the same dropping nine sports after losing to BYU. Michigan also dropped seven spots after losing a tight one to Penn State.

Here is how the national poll shook out:

The Gophers were fairly consistently ranked this week. With a national rank of #14, the Gophers were voted in a range between #11 and #16, Virginia Tech was the blog to give the Gophers their highest ranking at #1 this week. Thanks Hokies! The vast majority had the Gophers either 14th or 15th, but two schools had the Gophers all the way down at #16. Two bitter voting bases in Wisconsin and Texas. Those damn Texans had both undefeated Texas schools in SMU and Baylor ahead of the Gophers.

The question of the week asked what game you are most looking forward to this Saturday? The huge LSU tilt leads the way, but even though the Badgers choked a week ago there is still lots of interest in the big Wisconsin/ Ohio State matchup this Saturday.

Auburn at LSU - 38.9%

Wisconsin at Ohio State - 34%

Notre Dame at Michigan - 13.7%

North Dakota State at South Dakota State - 5.5%

Washington State at Oregon - 4.5%

Penn State at Michigan State - 3.5%

But What About How We Feel About the Gophers?

We can make it four weeks in a row that the MInnesota fanbase has a complete 100% positive feeling in the direction of the Gopher program.

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