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#16 Minnesota Gopher Football and Maryland Terapins as Gophers look to remain undefeated - OPEN THREAD

The Gophers are looking for that 8th win of the season with Maryland coming to TCF Bank Stadium

Minnesota v Rutgers Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

I enjoy typing out “undefeated Minnesota...” in all of my headlines. And I’d like to continue doing so. Can the Gophers take down Maryland and get to 8-0?


  • Protect Tanner Morgan - Protection was a MAJOR issue at Maryland last season. Guys were frequently in the face of Zack Annexstad which led to turnovers and
  • No Big Plays - Much like the Nebraska game, I really don’t want to see Maryland get any points off of big plays. Make this offense earn it.
  • No Major Injuries - I’ve come to hate these Maryland games as they seem to end with a loss and key contributor out for the remainder of the season. I’ll be happy if we stay healthy.


  • #20 RB - Javon Leake - Junior running back who has had very high yards per carry averages most of the year and finally broke out against Indiana with 158 yards and 2 touchdowns. He must be contained.
  • #4 LB- Keandre Jones - Leads his team in sacks and TFLs, just looking at playmakers on their defense.


This game makes me nervous. Maryland has playmakers on offense and I’m still waiting for that Gopher letdown game. The weather is way too nice today, College Game Day all picked the Gophers to win and I think far too many people are assuming 8-0. This game is really going to show me the mental toughness of this team.

I think Minnesota is better, I think being home matters. If they play as they have been, then we will win without much drama. Am I nervous? Yeah! But the Gophers win and move to 8-0.

Minnesota - 27
Maryland - 21