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TDG Fan Pulse Week 9—Gophers on the Rise!

Minnesota jumps to #13 nationally, but #9 in your hearts!

Maryland v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Minnesota Golden Gophers move up one more spot in the national SB Nation Fan Pulse voting this week. The 8-0 Gophers sit at #13 in the national poll of all the college blogs, but you the TDG voters—you love your Gophers. You have Minnesota #9 in this week’s poll!

Here is how you the TDG readers ranked the Top 25. Previous weeks rankings in parentheses:

  1. Ohio State 8-0 (3)
  2. Alabama 8-0 (1)
  3. LSU 8-0 (2)
  4. Clemson 8-0 (4)
  5. Penn State 8-0 (6)
  6. Florida 7-1 (9)
  7. Georgia 6-1 (8)
  8. Oklahoma 7-1 (5)
  9. Minnesota 8-0 (12)
  10. Utah 7-1 (14)
  11. Oregon 7-1 (11)
  12. Auburn 6-2 (7)
  13. Baylor 7-0 (15)
  14. SMU 8-0 (13)
  15. Cincinnati 6-1 (18)
  16. Notre Dame 5-2 (10)
  17. Michigan 6-2 (25)
  18. App State 7-0 (19)
  19. Wisconsin 6-2 (16)
  20. Wake Forest 6-1 (20)
  21. San Diego State 7-1 (24)
  22. Boise State 6-1 (22)
  23. Memphis 7-1 (NR)
  24. Iowa 6-2 (NR)
  25. Louisiana Tech 7-1 (NR)

You voted a new #1 this week as you have the Buckeyes leapfrog over both Alabama and LSU after their dismantlement of Wisconsin. Penn State moves up to #5 here as well to mirror the other national polls. Michigan is the biggest gainer this week up eight spots after a thrashing of Notre Dame. Other big gainers this week include Utah up four spots, and Florida, Minnesota, Cincy, San Diego State, and Memphis all up three spots from a week ago.

it was a rough week for a few big teams. Auburn dropped five spots after a loss to LSU. Oklahoma down just three after losing to K-State. Notre Dame down six after Michigan’s beat down and Wisconsin dropped down three after getting beat up by the Buckeyes.

Here is how the national poll shook out:

The Gophers were once again fairly consistently ranked this week. With a national rank of #13, the Gophers were voted in a range between #9 and #15, You the TDG readers gave the Gophers their highest ranking this week with Kansas State the lone team to put the Gophers at #10 this week. The vast majority of Minnesota votes came between 12th and 14th but a few schools ranked Minnesota 15th—generally once again the Texas schools who put SMU and Baylor ahead of the Gophers.

The question of the week asked what surprised you the most last week. Kanasas State upsetting Oklahoma ran away with the title, but more than a few of you were shocked to see the level of the beatdown Michigan put on Notre Dame.

Kansas State upsetting Oklahoma - 57.8%

Michigan demolishing Notre Dame - 28.5%

Texas Tech/Kansas ending - 6.1%

Rutgers winning a game - 3.8%

TCU upsetting Texas - 2.6%

UConn winning a game - 1.4%

But What About How We Feel About the Gophers?

Another week, another win, another 100% approval rating on the direction of the Gopher program. Shocking I know.

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