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The Minnesota Statistical breaks down Penn State

Minnesota Golden Gophers beat the Penn State Nittany Lions Photo by Mark Vancleave/Star Tribune via Getty Images

The Statistical, the only Minnesota football statistical roundup is back to discuss the Penn State game. Let’s hop right in to the important statistics.

The Larry Munson Counter: 7

Lost in the justified shuffle over all the other big plays from Saturday was that Tyler Johnson had a one handed Top 10 play worthy catch, shrugged off a defender draped over him, and tiptoed down the sideline into the endzone. And we were all, “Whatever that’s what Tyler Johnson does.” How bananas is that? In any other game, that’s the highlight.

Other plays included:

All three interceptions. Three! Against a QB who had thrown only three all season! Antoine Winfield Jr. is so good that even when Minnesota is in Cover 1 they are actually in Cover 4. Antoine Winfield Jr. is a no fly zone. Antoine Winfield Jr. is Mr. Steal Your Football and then smiles so brightly he becomes Mr. Steal Your Girl.

Jordan Howden also recorded an interception.

I’m unclear why teams continue to run the defense that leaves Rashod Bateman being uncovered, but I am here for it every single time. To all defensive coordinators, please keep not covering one of the best receivers in the country. That strategy will definitely pay off for you.

The Munson counter was high on people named Chris. Chris Autman-Bell shimmied through a defense for a touchdown on a tunnel screen. Chris Williamson knocked the ball out of the endzone on a critical fourth down fade route. Always through the fade if you want to lose.

Confused Jags Fan Counter: 1

Shannon Brooks getting stripped because he hesitated on a stretch play. Brooks will change his best and be great against Iowa.

Otherwise, there were not a lot of plays of abject confusion. The offense going into a shell when trying to protect a lead is not confusing at this point anymore, though it is annoying!

Laughing Cheerleader Post-Game Moments: 2

Laughing Cheerleader is my spirit animal.

Her expression says “I am thrilled to be on this earth at this moment” but also “Oh child, bless your heart.” Throw in a sprinkle of extreme passive aggressiveness and a concern that you know that Jessica Biel was born in Ely for the full Minnesotan.

In the former vein, Laughing Cheerleader feels #blessed to be able to attend a sell-out. She even wore maroon. The fans were excellent today, and they correctly rushed the field. Laughing cheerleader was also impressed by the overhead camera which captured several images that you will have the opportunity to pay $39.99 (framing not included) to put on your living room wall.

In the latter vein, Laughing Cheerleader is particularly amused by national media types thinking that there is a world in which Minnesota and LSU finish in the playoff and Ed Orgeron is considered the coach of the year.