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Minnesota Football: Gophers at Iowa Hawkeyes for Floyd of Rosedale - OPEN THREAD

A lot on the line for the undefeated Gophers, including Floyd of Rosedale

Iowa v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Gophers head to Iowa City where they haven’t won since 1999. And the undefeated, #8 ranked Gophers are underdogs to the Hawkeyes. Can the Gophers win in their toughest road game of the year?


  • Find ways to score - Duh, right? But this Iowa defense is rather good. If the Gophers can get points outside of their offense or give offense scoring field position, it will really go a long way towards getting this win.
  • Turnovers - Always so important. Think turnovers mattered last week? Now on the road against a good team, turnovers will matter again. Must in the turnover battle.
  • Get Physical - I anticipate this is going to be a tough, physical, “Big Ten” football game.


  • #74 OT - Tristian Wirfs - An early first round draft pick is worth bringing up, even if I’m highlighting an offensive lineman as a guy to watch.
  • #94 DL- AJ Epenesea- Also a potential top 10 overall pick and a guy I’m quite nervous about. Don’t let this guy wreak too much havock in the backfield.


Any other year, I would pick Iowa to win this. I anticipate this is going to be low scoring and maybe even kind of ugly. But in the end, Minnesota wins this by 12.

Minnesota - 24
Iowa - 12