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TDG Fan Pulse Week 13: Disrespect and Doubts?

There is a big difference between TDG voters and te rest of the nation

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

While the TDG readers believe in the Gophers the rest of the nation is not so sure. Minnesota Golden Gophers dropped from #7 down to #13 after the loss to Iowa, and now are back to #10 in the national ranking after the win over Nothwestern last Saturday, But you, the TDG voter trusts this team and you rank the Gophers #6 headed into the massive Axe game this weekend against the Wisconsin Badgers.

Here is how you the TDG readers ranked the Top 25. Previous weeks rankings in parentheses:

  1. LSU (11-0)
  2. Ohio State (11-0)
  3. Clemson (11-0)
  4. Georgia (10-1)
  5. Alabama (10-1)
  6. Minnesota (10-1)
  7. Oklahoma (10-1)
  8. Utah (10-1)
  9. Baylor (10-1)
  10. Penn State (9-2)
  11. Florida (9-2)
  12. Memphis (10-1)
  13. Auburn (8-3)
  14. Wisconsin (9-2)
  15. Oregon (9-2)
  16. Notre Dame (9-2)
  17. Cincinnati (10-1)
  18. Michigan (9-2)
  19. App State (10-1)
  20. Boise State (10-1)
  21. Iowa (8-3)
  22. Navy (8-2)
  23. Air Force (9-2)
  24. Virginia Tech (8-3)
  25. Oklahoma State (8-3)

The three undefeateds are at the top with Georgia claiming the #4 spot for the moment. Minnesota fans not as high on their Big Ten brethren as some others with Penn State #10, Wisconsin #14 and Michigan #18.

Here is how the national poll shook out:

Baylor and a two loss Florida still rank ahead of Minnesota this week. Gonna need to beat Wisconsin to get the respect I guess.

Minnesota was bounced around quite a bit in the national rankings. The majority of schools ranked Minnesota in the 9-11 range with TDG being the highest at #6. TCU and Washington State both ranked Minnesota #8, the highest non biased ranking. On the opposite end, Rutgers must still be bitter about anything Big Ten ranking the Gophers #13, and for some reason we can blame the people down at Kentucky who had Minnesota #16 this week behind a three loss Auburn team, Memphis, Cincinnati and Notre Dame. Then again they also have a Penn State team Minnesota beat at #5 AHEAD of 11-0 Ohio State at #6. You can make your own conclusions as to what the hell is going on there.

The question of the week asked if you had to ban one Thankgiving side dish, what would it be? Apparently the veggies get the boot.

Candied Yams/Sweet Potatoes - 31.2%

Green Bean Casserole - 29.2%

Mac and Cheese - 25.5%

Stuffing - 10.3%

Mashed Potatoes - 3.7%

But What About How We Feel About the Gophers?

Another week another 100% positive feeling.

Basketball numbers will come out later this week, but I’m guessing we still see them pretty low.

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