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College GameDay location & earlier tailgating lot open times announced

Get ready to party starting well before sunrise!

Minnesota, Minneapolis, University Of Minnesota Campus, Cyrus Northrop Memorial Auditorium. Photo by Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Today was a busy day for news related to Saturday, as we were finally given answers on some key questions related to the biggest Border Battle in Minnesota history. We now know where ESPN will broadcast College GameDay from. There were also several key tailgating announcements that you’ll need to eat and drink your way to happiness before the game against the badgers.

College GameDay Details

If you’re interested in attending College GameDay in person, here’s what you need to know.

Where will it be? It’s not unexpected, but GameDay will be coming to you live from the Northrop Mall on the East Bank of the U’s campus. It’s the most logical location, offering enough space for lots of excited fans, a good location/backdrop for the crane/aerial shots, easy access for construction of a set, and good proximity to TCF Bank Stadium.

How early can I line up? Gates for GameDay will open at 5am (yes, you read that right).

When will the U’s tailgate lots open? To accommodate GameDay attendance for fans, all U controlled parking lots and ramps will open at 6am on Saturday. That includes all lots sold to season ticket holders for tailgating as well as ramps available for day of game parking. Full information from the U can be found here.

What about East River Flats? The East River Flats will also open for tailgating at 6am. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Parks Board hates fun and will only allow parking on the 63 paved surface lot spots within East River Flats park. No parking on the grass will be allowed and the 63 spots are first come first serve.

I don’t have season tailgate parking. What ramps are closest to Northrup Mall? The three closest parking ramps to College GameDay are the East River Road garage, the Church Street garage, and the Washington Ave garage. Full map of the parking options at the U can be found here.

Will I be able to ride the light rail to GameDay? You bet! Both the Blue and Green lines will be running before the gates open at 5am. The closest stop to GameDay is the East Bank station, which is located only 3 blocks away from Northrop Mall. Metro Transit has a Border Battle page with information, including park and ride suggestions.

I want to watch on TV, what time/channel is College GameDay? You’ll be able to watch GameDay from 8am CT until 11am CT on ESPN.

If you’ve got other questions, put them in the comments and we’ll see if the TDG commentariat/staff can come up with the answer.