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Weekend College Football viewing guide for Gopher fans

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Games that matter for the Gophers in this final week of the regular season

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 08 Fresno State at Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hey, it is the final week of the regular season and your Golden Gophers are playing with a chance to go to the Big Ten Championship game, the Rose Bowl and even a shot at the College Football Playoff!

Here are the games that either matter or should be entertaining and how you can watch them.


  • Iowa at Nebraska - BTN - 1:30

This game matters only from the perspective that Iowa winning and improving to 9-3 makes the loss to them on the road look slightly better. How does this help the Gophers? I really doesn’t, unless they are trying to make a case for the CFP. Either way, it should be a good game to watch.


  • #1 - Ohio State at #13 - Michigan - FOX - 11:00

Another one that really doesn’t do a ton specifically for the Gophers, but should be a really good game. Scouting out the Buckeyes for the game in Indianapolis. Ohio State winning certainly secures their CFP spot while I don’t think a Buckeye loss helps the Gophers in any way.

  • #3 - Clemson at South Carolina - ESPN - 11:00

Under the “so you’re saying there’s a chance” scenario, if South Carolina were to win this game, maybe the Gophers increase their odds of CFP.

  • #12 - Wisconsin at #8 - Minnesota - ABC - 2:30

This one is pretty big. Still need tickets? Win and all of our hopes and dreams remain alive. Plus...The Axe!

  • #5 - Alabama at #15 - Auburn - CBS - 2:30

This one we really do want to see Bama lose. If we manage to beat Wisconsin and Bama loses, then you will see the Gophers sitting at #5 in the CFP rankings on Tuesday. Go Tigers, nobody wants to see Bama sneak in as the 4th CFP team.

  • Texas A&M at #2 - LSU - ESPN - 6:00

Another one that really won’t impact Minnesota but seeing LSU lose adds to any CFP chaos scenario, which everybody likes.

  • #7 - Oklahoma at #21 - Oklahoma St - FOX - 7:00

Another good game and nobody would be sad to see the Sooners lose. I think the Gophers move ahead of OU with a win regardless, but a loss to the Cowboys would certainly help that.