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Minnesota Football: OPEN THREAD - Gophers and Badgers and the Big Ten West

The day the West is decided...and The Axe...and the Rose Bowl

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

This is the game and the moment we have all been waiting for. The Gophers have everything in front of them and today is a monumental game for this program. So much excitement, Game Day is here and the Gophers can get back to the Rose Bowl today with a win. Can they beat the Badgers in back to back season?


  • Start Fast - If the Iowa game taught us anything, it is that you can’t wait for the first quarter to be over before you start playing. And Wisconsin is not exactly built to come back. Start fact, get an early lead and don’t slow down.
  • No Turnovers - Always, always, always take care of the ball. Win this turnover battle!
  • Know Your Role - This team is good enough to win withing being more than they are. Know your assignment (especially on defense) and do your job. Do your job, execute and beat the Badgers


  • #23 RB - Jonathan Taylor - The best running back in the country and the focal point of the Badger offense. He has to be stopped.
  • #56 LB- Zack Baun - 15 tackles for loss? 9 sacks? Let’s keep a helmet on this guy.


I’m so very excited for this game and I believe the Gophers will win. The weather makes me nervous, especially if the wind picks up. But we can win this game and I think this is the one where the Gophers give this fan base the season and Rose Bowl we’ve been waiting for, for DECADES.

Minnesota - 24
Wisconsin - 17