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WATCH: Minnesota Football Upsets #2 Penn State in 1999

You didn’t need to work for two hours anyway.

After years of fruitless searching on YouTube, last week I noticed that someone had FINALLY posted a copy of Minnesota’s 1999 upset over #2 Penn State. If you haven’t watched it ever (or in forever) it is definitely worth your time. It’s also the perfect companion video to Derek Burnsamazing retrospective about the game.

UPDATE: BIG THANKS to MinnMarchDTF for grabbing the timestamps for all of the key moments Derek wrote about in his post:

  • First Bullet (Ron Johnson TD): 0:26:10
  • Scouted Safety (Haas pass): 1:24:27
  • Waggle Wheel (Hamner TD): 1:36:07
  • Final Drive Hail Mary: 1:55:28
  • Arland Catch: 2:00:05
  • The Kick: 2:04:22