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#17 Minnesota Football vs. #4 Penn State: Staff Predictions

Let’s do this Gophers!

It’s time Gophers fans. Time for the biggest game in our lifetimes. Time for another upset of Penn State.

Here we go.

The predictions

This week’s thoughts

Blake Ruane: The Gophers have come this far. I’m certainly not going to turn my back on them now.

GoAUpher: There’s no way I’m picking a loss this week. I can’t and won’t. Logically I know that it’s the most likely outcome, but I’m going to be at this game and I refuse to be anything but a homer coming into it.

gopherguy05: Do I need to be that guy? Really? I need to be that guy? Sigh. I REALLY hope you all get to mock the crap out of me next week but I’m gonna be that guy.

Gopher Nation: Another in the long list of teams on our weak ass schedule.

HipsterGopher: Matching the score from October 20, 1934. Minnesota knocked off the undefeated Pitt Panthers with two fourth-quarter touchdowns. The Gophers finished with a perfect 8-0 record and 1934 was the first of THREE consecutive national championships. NOTE: My bit for guessing the scores this year will be to match them up with previous Minnesota games. GoAUpher Note: GN’s homer bit is bested by this bit of trolling. Congrats to Hipster for taking back Homer of the Week!

mowe0018: Because why the hell not?

UStreet: Believe in a low scoring game

wildcat00: I’m not picking against the Gophers ever again now. I expect a late-game INT from Antoine Winfield to be the difference in this game.

White Speed Receiver: As long as it doesn’t come down to a FG for us to win, I think we can squeak by. LET’S GET DUMB!

zipsofakron: I’ve drank the Kool-Aid and there is no going back. I’m going full homer on this team and riding this horse until it keels over.

Season “record” so far

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Tell us your predictions in the poll below and in the comments!


Will Minnesota beat Penn State?

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    Yes! It’s a #specialseason.
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    No, but I still love the Gophers.
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