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Best Gopher GIFS of the 2010s

Because we need to brighten up the mood around here

Last Friday the Mothership tweeted this out:

And that got us to thinking around here. What are our favorite gifs of the 2010s? We have several, if you haven’t noticed we do enjoy a good gif around here. But it was really tough to just try pick one or two. So we picked thirteen. Oops.

Here are our favorite 13 Minnesota Golden Gophers gifs in no real particular order. Which is your favorite? Any that we missed?

Pete Celebrates a Punt:


Big Win Dance Party—Basketball Edition

Tubby Dance

Big Win Dance Party—Football Edition

They Broke The Damn Bell...

Goldy Releases Some Frustration:

Celebrati.....Elliot What You Doing Man??

The Gif That Gets Used A Ton But is Only Rarely Appropriately Timed:

When A Hero Comes Along:

Goldy Doing his Best Shannon Brooks Impersonation:

QUACK! Ack Ack Ack


0.6 Reverse it

One Small Leap For Maxx.....One Giant Leap for Gopherkind