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3X3U 3x3 National Championships Headed for Mall of America

Come watch some of the best seniors in the country play for some cold hard cash

Nate Mason won the inaugural 3x3 title with the Big Ten team a year ago
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It was announced Monday morning that the basketball national championships are headed for the Twin Cities in April. No, not that NCAA National Championship/ Final Four which we already knew is headed for US Bank Stadium in April. It’s the 2nd annual 3x3U National Championships which will be held at the Mall of America on April 5-7.

The 3x3U National Championships will take one four-player team comprised of seniors who have exhausted their eligibility from each of the 32 conferences and pit them against each other for cold hard cash. Each pool play victory gains a team $1,000. The tournament champions will walk away with a grand prize of $100,000.

This will be the second annual tournament with first taking place in San Antonio last spring the same weekend as the Final Four. The Big Ten team won the inaugural tournament taking home the grand prize. That team featured former Minnesota Golden Gopher Nate Mason, along with Robert Jackson from Indiana, Jae-Sean Tate of Ohio State, and Vince Edwards from Purdue.

As for the 2019 Big Ten candidates, one would think that Jordan Murphy would be a good candidate unless the Gophers go on a long surprising run through the NCAA Tournament.

The best part about the tournament for local Minnesota fans—you will be able to go watch for free. From the renderings released Monday it appears the tournament is going to be played in the center rotunda at the Mall of America. Admission will be free and you will be able to watch from courtside, or from the railing overlooking the rotunda from the second, third or fourth floors.

It will be another must-see event for the college basketball fan that weekend, and unlike the Final Four this one you won’t need to sell off a body part to attend!