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2019 NCAA Tournament Bubble and Minnesota Gopher Basketball

Now things get dicey

West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Here we go with the weekly look at the NCAA Tournament bubble.

Current Status...

Right on the Cut Line

Remember it is how your resume stacks up against everybody else.

The Resume

Record: 17-9
NCAA Net Ranking: 51
Record v NET 1-50: 4-7 (Indiana drops out of top 50)

Good Wins: @Wisconsin, Washington (N), Nebraska, Iowa

Bad Losses: @Boston College, @Rutgers

While most of the bracket predictions have the Gophers either barely in or one of the first couple teams out, they still have opportunities to work their way back to safety.

The loss at Rutgers the other night was a bad one and one that this team absolutely let slip away. Win that game and we are still above the play in games, now we are hoping to be playing in Dayton.

The Bubble

Here we go, time to really start paying attention to other teams.

Safely In (for now) - This list is getting smaller this week as I’m pushing more teams into that middle category. RIght now these teams would be in and safely above the play-in games.

  • Central Florida - Three very tough games to end the season. At Houston on Saturday and then Cincy and @Temple next week.
  • Arizona St - At the Oregon schools this weekend, would be nice to see the Beavers win on Sunday.
  • Alabama - Back to back wins after three straight losses, the Tide are winning at the right time but they host #13 LSU on Saturday.
  • Temple - Loss at Memphis doesn’t help them, this weekend they face 0-14 Tulane.
  • Seton Hall - Trending the same way Minnesota is, the Pirates have lost 2 straight and head to Georgetown this weekend. They Hoyas have won 2 of 3 and with a win over Seton Hall could get back into the Bubble conversation.

Straddling the Bubble - depends on which bracketology you look at, some have these teams sneaking in, this is the danger zone.

  • Minnesota - Winning at Northwestern tonight is imperative. It doesn’t eliminate the Gophers, but it would require two additional wins that are unlikely.
  • Clemson - Hosting North Carolina this weekend, not sure a loss does much for them either way. A win certainly helps a lot.
  • Utah State - Hosting Nevada on Saturday, wish I could watch this one. Much like Clemson, a loss probably doesn’t do too much to them but a win helps a ton.

Outside Looking In

  • Butler - Lost 3 of 4 and at Villanova this weekend. Seems like the Bulldogs are fading fast.
  • Saint Mary’s - Four straight wins. The Gaels get last place Portland to night and then Gonzaga on Saturday.
  • Davidson - Davidson just lost to LaSalle, which really means they have to win the league tournament.
  • Loser of Belmont / Murray State - Can the OVC get two teams in? Personally I kind of hope so, but not at the expense of the Gophers. Both teams should win their final two games each and then we’ll see if the tournament loser has a strong enough resume.

Gopher Fan Rooting Interests

  • Washington - this will be a constant for the rest of the year, go Huskies!
  • North Carolina / Gonzaga / Nevada / Houston / LSU - These ranked teams are all facing bubble teams this weekend. Just don’t lose please.
  • Oregon and Oregon State - Arizona State is on the road in Oregon this weekend. Let’s go Ducks and Beavers!