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March Madness NCAA Tournament Bracket Help with KenPom efficiency numbers

Want some help picking your brackets? Here is a little tool to help you along your journey

Selection Sunday is a holiday in my house. All of my kids and I get very excited when the brackets are released, they are quickly printed and the individual processes of finishing the bracket begins.

My process is to heavily rely upon efficiency stat profiles to help me. And again this year I have put together a little dashboard to hopefully help you along in your bracket journey. All I ask is 25% of your winnings.

What are efficiency stats? In a nutshell they breakdown teams stats to a possession. For example, rebounds as a cumulative number can be very misleading. Grabbing 20 defensive rebounds is impressive but not necessarily if the opponent missed 30 shots. That’s nabbing 67% of their missed shots. Whereas grabbing 16 defensive rebounds on 20 missed shots is 80% and really a better metric than just the raw number.

So everything is really a percentage of possessions. Turning the ball over on 15% of your possessions is a clearer way to measure turnovers than just the total number of turnovers, it all depends on how many possessions you have in a game.

So below is a breakdown of how teams score per possession and then looking at 4 key factors (rebounding, shooting, turnovers, free throw attempts) all based on per possession.

Hopefully you find this helpful and enjoyable.