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TDG Offseason, Off topic - How about the top breweries in surrounding states?

Who’s up for a road trip? Minnesota breweries are fantastic, but there are a few worth driving to in other states.

So I love Minnesota breweries, but there are some pretty damn good breweries within driving distance of the Twin Cities. And a couple of these are a couple of my absolute favorites.

Here are a handful of really fantastic breweries that you could day trip to, which I have done.

Toppling Goliath

Address: 600 Prosperity Road, Decorah, IA

This was really the brewery that got me hooked on craft beers. Every other week I would show up at the liquor store and a new TG IPA bomber would be on the shelf. Supa Sumo, Pompei, Fire Skulls & Money, King Sue, DDH Pseudo Sue and so on. Every single one of them was awesome. It took me probably a year an a half before I was able to make the trek to Decorah to check them out in person. And I’ve been back 3 or 4 more times, it is really the only redeeming thing about Iowa (amiright)

Known mostly for their IPAs but at the brewery you can often find some fantastic stouts on tap that are not distributed. Mornin Latte is soon to be distributed and it will become a “must buy” when seen on the shelf...just like King Sue.

Pulpit Rock

Address: 207 College Drive, Decorah IA

Since you are already in Decorah, you certainly have to pop over to Pulpit Rock. This is a tiny little brewery that is just down the street from TG’s original facility. Don’t tell anyone, but they also make amazing beers. Pulpit is more adventurous and likes to do some funky things along with making some really good IPAs.

Looking at the current tap list makes me thirsty but I’d try the Saftig IPA, Ring Around the Gose and a couple of their porters. Always great variety and really cool little taproom.


Address: 1666 1st Ave N, Fargo, ND

From a facility and atmospher standpoint, this is quite possibly my absolute favorite brewery. Drekker recently relocated to a new facility that was an old train depot. So imagine huge ceilings, a beautiful brick exterior, wood beams and train tracks just feet from the side of the building. Named BrewHalla, it is absolutely beautiful.

And the beer is elite too. Multiple IPAs that are awesome, Brain Squeeze series of sours are always excellent too. Their barrel aged stouts on tap have been super yummy as well. If you can’t make the trip, they distribute to limited stores in the Twin Cities. Typically they drive a truck down every other week with their goods.

I love this brewery and am very excited to make another road trip to Fargo.

Central Waters

Address: 351 Allen St. Amherst, WI

Amherst is a little ways outside of Wausau but this is a great little brewery known for making outstanding stouts. I really don’t think Minnesota has a shop that is making stouts of this quality and consistently. Black Gold, their Anniversary stouts, their Brewer’s Reserve series are all fantastic.

What makes Central Waters unique from many of the breweries I’ve written about the past couple weeks? They really haven’t made an IPA that I like...and I’m an IPA guy.

The Brewing Projekt

Address: 1807 N Oxford Ave, Eau Claire WI

Back to IPAs :). Brewing Projekt makes some big, bold, juicy, bitter IPAs that are great. My favorites have been in their “Things of That Nature” series. But anything in “Dare Mighty Things” is also worth your purchase.

They recently have opened up a new facility and considering Eau Claire is only about 90 minutes from the Twin Cities, I need to hit Brewing Projekt up again soon.

But they are distributed here and certainly something to keep an eye open for.