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TDG staff questions and answers on Gopher football 2019

This is where we tackle the really important questions heading into the 2019 season

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These are the important questions as we get closer to Gopher football. And the staff here is willing to tackle this tough questions.

How many sacks and TFLs will Carter Coughlin end up with?

GoAUpher: I’ll say he breaks double digits in sacks and gets to 11. I have no idea what the top tackle for loss number was in the conference last fall and I’m too lazy too look so this next guess may be WAY too high but I don’t care: 25 TFL.

Iowa Gopher: 10 sacks and 18 TFL.

Gopherguy05: 8, 15

GopherNation: I think he leads the team and has right around 12 sacks to go along with 19 TFLs. He’s going to have a very good season and really intrigue NFL teams with his production and versatility.

Who leads the team in receptions?

GoAUpher: It’s gotta by Tyler Johnson right?

Iowa Gopher: First name Tyler, last name Johnson.

Gopherguy05: TJ

GopherNation: I asked the question cause there’s a chance that this is a breakout year for Rashod Bateman and he just may lead the team in receptions. Ultimately I don’t think he will, but he will certainly cut into Johnson’s total this year.

Who leads the team in rushing touchdowns?

GoAUpher: Until one of the talented but still coming off injury seniors proves they’re healthy enough to be a workhorse, I feel like you gotta stick with Mohamed Ibrahim for this one.

Iowa Gopher: Good question. Basically, who will vulture the most touchdowns in the red zone? Probably Ibrahim, even if Smith and/or Brooks are healthy. They’ll do most of the work as the featured pair and then Ibrahim will come in as the spare and steal all the glory.

Gopherguy05: Rodney

GopherNation: So many guys it could be. Rodney Smith, Ibrahim, Daniel Faalale...but I’m going to say that Seth Green vultures the most and leads the team.

Where will Tyler Johnson and Carter Coughlin be drafted next spring?

GoAUpher: I have no skills in draft predictions so these will be wrong. Carter in the 2nd round, Tyler in the 4th.

Iowa Gopher: Not nearly high enough to please Gopher fans.

Gopherguy05: 3rd round for both.

GopherNation: I think the Coughlin has a fantastic senior season that sees his draft stock soar. He’ll play down in a 3-point stance and show that he’s got more than just a speed rush this year. Then he’ll line up as a linebacker and show he can play that at an elite level. He will move himself to the end of the 1st round or early 2nd. Johnson will have another solid senior season with similar numbers to last year. But his lack of elite speed will hold back his draft stock just a bit and he’ll go around the 4th round of the draft.

When we play Michigan in the Big Ten Championship game, should the Jug on the line?

GoAUpher: The purist in me hates this idea. The homer in me who is happy to assume the correctness of this question says we beat Michigan so yes, please put it on the line. Upon reflection I realized beating Michigan in this scenario might mean a CFB playoff berth and thus *NO* Rose Bowl. answer to this question is “who cares give me a Rose Bowl trip.”

Iowa Gopher: Yes. I think if the two teams did not meet in the regular season, the Jug should be on the line in any postseason matchup. Dial up the stakes.

Gopherguy05: No

GopherNation; I’m with GoAUpher on this one. But I think if we are in this position, we are headed to the Rose Bowl regardless of the outcome. Michigan is probably playing for a shot in the BCS Championship and the Gophers are Rose Bowl bound regardless of the outcome. But I really don’t care about the Jug in this game.

Where is everyone planning to stay in Pasadena?

GoAUpher: The closest refundable Marriott reservation I can get on points is approximately 10 miles away from the Rose Bowl. The very specific nature of that answer should make clear that I’m not kidding that I’ve been checking, lol. Also for those who are interested, there were still reasonably priced AirBnB options within 6 miles of the Rose Bowl as of Friday morning.

Iowa Gopher: The Rose Bowl.

Gopherguy05: In the Ohio State hotel? I’ll be in my own house for the Rose Bowl.

GopherNation: In a van, down by the ocean? I don’t care where I’m staying. I should start saving for airfare now.

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