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Predicting the Big Ten West standings in 2019

TDG sees good things for Minnesota in the West division.

University of Minnesota Golden Gophers football media day. Photo by Aaron Lavinsky/Star Tribune via Getty Images

You might have noticed by the TDG Staff Predictions post we put up earlier that we’re feeling a bit optimistic around here when it comes to the Gophers. In turn, I expect you’ll be shocked to learn that many on staff think the Gophers will win the Big Ten West this year. These are interesting times my friends, very interesting times.

Before we turn to the conference predictions, an important note. This is not a predictions post for the whole B1G. Some blogs like to pretend they care about the other half of the Big Ten. We are not that blog. Here at The Daily Gopher, we’re pretty clear in our stance that the Big Ten East is trash. I mean, the division is 28.57% Rutgers and Maryland, schools who we still refuse to think of as B1G. If your division is nearly 13 fake news then it’s not worth our time to predict. Consider this editorial policy for all future conference predictions.*

So without further delay, I give you the TDG staff’s picks for the Big Ten West, the only division with a Quadrangle of Hate (plus it’s rutger free!) and thus the only legitimate division.

*until we just decide to change our mind on a whim. We’re fickle like that sometimes.

Predicted Standings

By individual staff member:

(click for larger image)

Average predicted order of finish:

(click for larger image)

Things to note:

  • Here’s how everyone on staff seems to feel about Iowa:
  • Sorry Illinois. Please feel free to hold on to Lovie though. We’re all ok with it.
  • Jeff Brohm and Boilermakers could finish the way we predict and I still bet you they will find a way to get a big upset. I guess this is more of another prediction than a takeaway but still.
  • Some of you are too high on Cornhuskers. But it comes at the expense of the badgers so I suppose that’s ok.
  • Northwestern’s days as an annoyingly average but consistent contender are numbered if our genius is to be believed.

The part where we explain ourselves

GoAUpher: In this happy tale I’m telling myself, Minnesota and Iowa both finish 7-2 but Iowa takes the division with its head to head win. What? I had to put something slightly more negative out into the interwebs to balance the stupidly optimistic schedule prediction from earlier.

gopherguy05: IA/MN/WI all go 6-3, but Iowa wins on tiebreakers.

Gopher Nation: Nebraska, Wisconsin, Northwestern all have the same record, Minnesota edges out Iowa even with a head-to-head loss.

mowe0018: This was based off trying to guess the outcome of each individual game. I don’t think Minnesota will actually win the division but the #maths (plus easier crossovers) said so.

UStreet: I remain skeptical about Wisconsin because of the QB and because I don’t buy that the defense is able to reload forever.

zipsofakron: We can’t have nice things. Not even in a down B1G year and a rising program.

WSR: There are 3 tiers in the West this year: 1) Teams that I’d consider putting money on if I were to bet on a winner: Minnesota, Iowa, and Northwestern. 2) Teams with the three best offensive players and then a metric shitton of flaws: Nebraska, Purdue, and Wisconsin. 3) Illinois: Illinois.

Tell us your predictions in the poll below and in the comments!


Does Minnesota win the B1G West?

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Which of Minnesota’s Quadrangle of Hate opponents finishes lowest in the West?

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