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Minnesota Football, The Monday Perspective is relieved

Improved play, a nice road win and moving on

NCAA Football: South Dakota State at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Week one had me feeling a little anxious and it had me very nervous heading into this week’s road trip to Fresno. Was I nervous about hotels burning down or 6 days of train travel? No, but you should absolutely read that TBT post. Anyway...back to the subject at hand.

As discussed, last week had some issues. This week was “better.”

Was it a complete reversal of the clear issues we saw against South Dakota State? No, there are still plenty of things to clear up. But it was certainly better. So what was better?

Baby steps here. This is a long season, we got better in week 2 while beating a team that is one of the 5 best Big Ten West non-conference opponents. We went on the road and came home with a win. The offense was more efficient moving the ball. The defense made big plays and special teams was also better.

All of the things mentioned above are just little things and Saturday night’s game was far from perfect.

But I am confident that things are moving in the right direction. I still believe there is very good talent on this roster to be really competitive team...this season.

Week 1 was not pretty.

Week 2 was better.

And the team is 2-0. Let us not forget that this team is 2-0. Now we move forward.

Week 3 shows things coming into further focus against our weakest opponent of the season.

Week 4 is a bye and then we get ready for the Big Ten in Week 5.

Short and sweet, right? My angst is reduced and the next two weeks are prime weeks to get back to being a more disciplined team and that begins to execute at a high level.