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Off Topic Throwback Thursday Project

The Minnesota Historical Society is spending the next two years talking to people about the history of sports, got a story? Share it.


I figured the bye week would be a good time to shamelessly plug a work project. My day job is the Oral Historian for the Minnesota Historical Society. It recently occurred to me that I had should incorporate my interest in sports history into my day to day grind.

So what I’m doing is recording interviews about baseball in Minnesota. Our state has a great history of amateur baseball. So great that FSN put out a documentary on it. The difference between our two projects is that with mine the full length interviews will end up archived at MNHS forever. Check out an example of a recent oral history project of mine.

So far I’ve interviewed a dozen or so guys around the state, mostly about their experiences playing town ball. I’ve also talked to ball players across all levels, coaches, and umpires. I’m interested in talking to anyone in the baseball community with a story to tell.

The interviews are usually 1 on 1 that go chronologically through the persons life. I’m happy to travel anywhere in the state. In fact today I’m in New Ulm interviewing.

Got a story, or know someone that does? Holler here in the comments or email me at Thanks! Your regularly scheduled TBT will be back next week.