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Minnesota Football vs. Purdue Boilermakers: Staff Predictions

Bring on the Big Ten!

The last edition of this post turned into some weird Twitter bulletin board material for Georgia Southern fans, including one who accused me of comparing Minnesota to LSU, which, LOLNO. Anyway, I hope I don’t upset Purdue fans this week. That would be a shame.

(COUGH the moon landing was faked and Neil Armstrong hated trains COUGH)

The predictions

This week’s thoughts

Blake Ruane: I’m nervous. I think it’s a toss-up game. So I’m going with the homer take, because I think Minnesota is the marginally better (and healthier) team.

GoAUpher: Let’s be honest, a repeat of last year doesn’t feel likely right now. So I’m going to assume that the self scouting helps but that there are still mistakes to clean up. The result? A close win on the road that leaves gg05, Blake, and I celebrating in West Lafayette.

gopherguy05: Minnesota used their three headed running back attack to their benefit and can grind down the Purdue Dl as the game goes on. Minnesota will probably give up a big play or two, but hopefully will hold tight when needed and the Gophers move to a shaky, yet still perfrct 4-0.

Gopher Nation: I originally had this as a loss in my preseason predictions (I think) but Purdue is battling key injuries and has been worse than anticipated. Even so, this is a road game in the Big Ten. I believe that PJ is 1-8 on the road in the Big Ten so this is no gimme. But I’m clinging to opitmism.

HipsterGopher: This is the score from the 2016 game, Minnesota went ont to win 9 games and I remember having a lot of fun. GoAUpher Note: HipsterGopher’s bit of picking the game by the score of a previous Gopher win earns him the Homer of the Week crown.

mowe0018: I was originally going to stick with my preseason predictions, which would mean I had this one as a loss. However, the Boilermakers have underwhelmed in two of three games and they have some impact injuries... So I can’t resist being a homer.

UStreet: The running attack returns and the defense forces a critical turnover

wildcat00: Is Sindelar good? IDK, but I don’t think Purdue is particularly good.

White Speed Receiver: How much we win by comes down to if we get the Sindelar from the 2nd half of the Nevada game or the Sindelar from the 1st half ot the Nevada game, but either way I expect a win.

zipsofakron: Bounce-back time, baby. Purdue can’t run and Shannon Brooks is going to have two rushing TDs. Plus there will be a huge TDG contingent in West Lafayette, so I’m feeling good.

And Vegas has us by one.

Season “record” so far

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What happens on Saturday against Purdue?

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  • 8%
    Like last year, only worse for Purdue.
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  • 76%
    4-0 and I don’t care how it happens.
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  • 15%
    The trains become self aware and roll to victory like something out of a Shining Time Station nightmare.
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