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Minnesota Defeats Purdue 38-31

Minnesota starts the BIG campaign 1-0

Minnesota v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Minnesota defeated Purdue 38-31 in West Lafayette. Minnesota is 4-0 on the season, and for the first time this season did not need a late 4th quarter comeback to win a game.

Very Good Things

Tanner Morgan was 21-22 for 396 yards and 4TD. This is peak good Tanner and I am here for it the rest of the season.

Rashod Bateman had six receptions for 177 yards and two TDs. His compatriots Chris Autman-Bell (3-97 and a TD) and Tyler Johnson (8-73 and a TD) showed why Minnesota has the best receiving corps in the Big Ten West.

Rodney Smith cracked 100 yards on the day, which included key runs late in the game to pick up first downs.

Kamal Martin had two picks today, both of which were impressive.

Less Good Things

The defense missed double digits tackles on the day, including at least five in the backfield. Several of those missed tackles directly contributed to Purdue scores. Minnesota briefly made King Doerue look like a Heisman trophy candidate when he ran to the left side of the line.

The hands team, specifically Seth Green, will have to practice double bounces this week in practice.