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Minnesota Football vs. Fresno State Bulldogs: Staff Predictions

Things get tougher as the Gophers hit the road.

Good news! We were perfect at picks last week. Bad news. Minnesota didn’t play great, and this forced a slight optimism downsize for this week’s predictions. Good news! This created a branding opportunity, as this week includes the inaugural Too Many Choices Pick, Presented By Waffle House*. Bad news. There aren’t any Waffle Houses in Minnesota so this really doesn’t make sense as a branding opportunity.

*Not actually presented by Waffle House, though we’re open to it!

The predictions

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This week’s thoughts

Blake Ruane: Fewer surprises for defensive coordinator Joe Rossi with some actual game film to work with, and the Gopher offense looks better but far from a finished product.

GoAUpher: Things get better, but they aren’t pretty yet. We’ll be biting our fingernails in the 4th, but ultimately the Gophers pull away.

gopherguy05: I really went back and forth on this. I think there is a very legitimate chance Fresno State can win, but my optimism is getting the better of me. It will be close, and I think Minnesota fixes a lot of the issues from last week. But if they don’t, they this score is easily flipped if not worse. Lets hope the early season optimism wins out in reality.

Gopher Nation: This game has me much more nervous than it did a week ago. Road game, Fresno is good, and we looked pretty bad last week. But optimism still courses through my veins and I am going to make the conscious choice to believe that things will be fixed this week. The team shows up with renewed focus, a better game plan and they pull out a win.**

**GoAUpher Note: Now GN is leaning towards a Fresno win, thereby creating the aforementioned Pick Presented By Waffle House (still not actually a thing). Basically someone is going to win 24-21. Maybe. Possibly. He thinks.

HipsterGopher: The 2018 game against Fresno St is the only other time Minnesota has played the Bulldogs, making this prediction kinda boring. NOTE: My bit for guessing the scores this year will be to match them up with previous Minnesota games. I’m going to be extremely correct on all of these.

mowe0018: I want to pick Fresno, but for now I’ll stick with my preseason predictions. Minnesota battles similarly to last year and emerges with another close W.

UStreet: Road games are hard. Fresno State is a good non-conference opponent. This will be a close game that sees a better effort on defense from the Gophers

wildcat00: I actually think this game could go either way, but I think the good guys will ultimately win.

White Speed Receiver: This one will be closer than the score reflects with the Gophers picking up a late score, but as long as the OL pulls their head out of their ass I feel good about our ability to pull this one out. GoAUpher Note: Please congratulate WSR as being the Homer of the Week! (A new thing I decided to create right now that is celebrated by the following GIF. If you’ve got a better name for this, put it in the comments)

zipsofakron: If you think the Gophers are beating a Mountain West team that is hungry for revenge in front of a sold out crowd whose only passion in life is the Fresno State Bulldogs football team then you must be new to this fanbase.

A late missed FG sinks the Gophers.

Season “record” so far

As a staff we are still perfect at picking Gophers things, but in a pained and uncomfortable way. Ya know, like this.

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