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Fan Pulse Top 25 Week 2

Clemson remains on top...again

Cincinnati v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

We are back on schedule with a Monday release of the SB Nation Fan Pulse Top 25 after a normal Week 2 of college football! The top three teams remain static, but we have some upward and downward movement after last week’s games for sure. To no surprise Clemson remains on top for yet another week.

Here is how you the TDG readers ranked the Top 25. Previous weeks rankings in parentheses:

  1. Clemson (1)
  2. Alabama (2)
  3. Georgia (3)
  4. LSU (6)
  5. Ohio State (5)
  6. Oklahoma (4)
  7. Notre Dame (7)
  8. Auburn (8)
  9. Florida (12)
  10. Michigan (7)
  11. Utah (13)
  12. Penn State (15)
  13. Texas (9)
  14. Oregon (17)
  15. Texas A&M (11)
  16. Wisconsin (19)
  17. UCF (16)
  18. Michigan State (18)
  19. Washington (14)
  20. Iowa (20)
  21. Maryland (NR)
  22. Washington State (22)
  23. Iowa State (24)
  24. Mississippi State (NR)
  25. Boise State (25)

LSU moves up two spots after it’s big win over Texas, while the Longhorns drop four. Texas A&M drops four spots as well for losing to #1 Clemson. Brutal. Washington is the big loser dropping five for losing to Cal at home. Meanwhile Maryland is our big jumper this week in the poll up to #21 after a convincing win over Syracuse.

Here is how the national poll shook out:

Also, last week you were asked after Week one if you were confident in the direction of the Minnesota Golden Gophers program. 81.8% of you said yes. After week two that number jumped up to 91.7%! Amazing what one huge interception will do for the perception of the direction of the program!

As always if you haven’t voted yet and want to get in on the fun for the rest of the season you can join in by clicking HERE!