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Minnesota Football: Gophers against Auburn Tigers in the Outback Bowl

Gophers up against a very good Auburn team in the Outback Bowl

NCAA Football: Penn State at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

And we get to play in the Jan 1 bowl this year, not the one we really hoped for, but a really good bowl nonetheless. And against a really good program. The Gophers get the opportunity to take on an SEC helmet school and notch another great win for their 2019 season. Beating Auburn would be truly elite. Can PJ Fleck and his program take down the Tigers?


  • Protect Morgan - This Auburn defense is really good, especially the defensive line. Finding a way to keep Morgan upright and able to set his feet is going to be imperative. If he’s running for his life or flushed quickly, that will slow the Gopher offense considerably.
  • No Turnovers - The ball is the program. An Auburn defensive touchdown really concerns me in this game. So no turnovers please.
  • Get Pressure - Getting pressure on the quarterback has not been a real strength of this Gopher defense, but I’d like to see it today. Likely this will have to come from blitzing and trusting our secondary.


  • #28 RB - JaTarvious Whitlow - I think he’s the key to slowing down the Auburn offense. Keep Whitlow in check and make the freshman QB beat us with his arm.
  • #5 DT - Derrick Brown - This guy is a stud and I’m rather concerned.


This has been an outstanding season and this team has been so much fun to watch. Regardless of the outcome of the game, I’m sad that the 2019 season is over.

Can I see the Gophers winning this game? Yes, I can. Do I see it actually happening? No, this Auburn defense is just too good.

Minnesota - 20
Auburn - 27