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SB Nation Fan Pulse: How Do the TDG Commenters view Gopher Basketball

A lot has changed over the course of the season

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Ohio State Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

We have been a bit delinquent in putting up the SB Nation Fan Pulse voting results for the Minnesota Golden Gophers basketball team this winter. Part of that has been the lackluster start to the season and the overshadowing of basketball by the grand success of the football team. Part has been just us being lazy. Sorry.

Without further ado, here is this week’s Fan Poll Voting results:

This week 84% of the TDG voters are confident in the direction of the Gopher basketball program. This voting was performed prior to the win at Ohio State as well. The 84% approval is a season high for the Gophers.

It’s been an interesting swing in the approval rate this season. The poll opened with 81.8% approval but quickly dropped as the Gophers struggled through the tough portion of the non-conference schedule to a low of 37.5% after the Utah loss. The percentage climbed just a bit after the start of the Big Ten season but the spike upwards did not occur until the win over Michigan at home.

With the win at Ohio State, we may see a new high next week, especially if Minnesota can play decently against Michigan State on Sunday.

As for other questions:

The question of the week this week was “What is the best conference in the NCAA this season?” To no surprise the Big Ten took home the voting with 44.5% of the vote!

Big Ten - 44.5%

ACC - 20.9%

Big 12 - 14.4%

Big East - 9%

Pac-12 - 4.4%

SEC - 4.1%

Somebody Else - 2.7%

We will have the updated voting percentages next week!