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Minnesota sports journalism icon Sid Hartman passes away at 100

One of the most unique figures in Minnesota sports, passes away

Sid Hartman, September 1982

For those of us who have spent the majority of our lives here, the name Sid Hartman is a sports journalism icon. A man who has been covering sports for the Star Tribune and doing radio for WCCO for decades has passed away at age 100.

Many words and stories will be written about the man known simply as, “Sid.” This is an attempt to capture the color and uniqueness of his life.

Sid Hartman knew virtually everyone, all were close personal friends. I personally have heard incredible stories shared by Sid while sitting in the Gopher football press room, waiting for post-game interviews. Stories like him sharing a ride with Joe Paterno (and others) down the West Coast to attend the Rose Bowl some time in the 50s.

Justin Gaard just shared how Sid made a call to Pete Carroll, who was the head coach at USC, to get Gaard and Darrin Wolfson two tickets to the 2005 UCS/Notre Dame “Bush Push” game.

I’m not sure if it is more impressive that Sid was willing to find tickets for Gaard or that Carroll was willing to do a favor for a sports columnist in Minnesota during the week of one of the biggest college football games in the last 20 years.

But the man helped build the Minneapolis Lakers into a dynasty as a young general manager. He build his brand at the Star Tribune to become a national icon in the sports journalism world. At age 96 he had hip surgery in December and was back at PJ Fleck’s introductory press conference in January.

He was a legend and he was unapologetically supportive of Gopher athletics. It was apparent that PJ Fleck learned early to show respect to Sid.

As having the opportunity to attend Gopher football games (and a handful of Timberwolves games) in the pressbox, I’ve been fortunate enough to witness many great “Sid stories.”

  • I was once accused of potentially stealing Sid’s iPad after he dropped it and it landed next to my seat. I was just going to give it back, I promise.
  • I witnessed Kevin Garnett make fun of Sid’s tape recorder with a microphone that was held together by masking tape. The stories that tape recorder could tell.
  • Sid passionately implored Joel Maturi to hire Jeff Horton on the spot after the interim coach beat Iowa.
  • Many instances of loudly swearing when a team other than the Gophers made a significant play.

Sid was unique. Sid led an incredible, self-made life.

Below is a list of notable Tweets showing respect and saddened by the loss of Sid Hartman. We will keep adding to them as we see them so keep checking back.