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Minnesota Football: Halftime thoughts of Gophers and Michigan battle for Little Brown Jug

Michigan dominates Minnesota in the first half 17-35

Michigan v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

A fantastic opening weekend game in prime time. The Gophers hosting Michigan, a long-time rival with the Little Brown Jug on the line. But the first half has been all Michigan.

17-35 at half time, here are my prevailing thoughts.

  • That was the longest 1st quarter ever.
  • Sloppy start for both teams in multiple phases. Missed tackles, penalties (mostly Michigan), blocked punt, badly missed blocks, strip sack touchdown, missed field goal and overall a sloppy start for both teams.
  • Michigan was less sloppy.
  • Special teams has been brutal today. An early blocked punt was an early bright spot. But from there a huge kick off return and a poorly executed fake FG gave Michigan the ball in Minnesota territory 4 of their 7 drives.
  • So much man coverage by the Wolverines. Big plays in the passing game are coming, if there is protection.
  • Yes, the defense has given up 35 points. Yes, the front-seven has been beaten soundly. But don’t forget that they’ve been put on very short fields (and 1 touchdown was a strip sack).