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Minnesota Football: Big Ten Picks—Week 2

Let’s hope this week goes better than last week

Maryland v Northwestern Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Well that didn’t go as well as hopes, but probably about as well as expected. A 3-5 start to the season is not amazing that’s for sure. Going 3-4 in the Big Ten picks because I trusted Minnesota too much, Rutgers not enough and Iowa choked is about right. My other game selection didn’t go so well trying to get Ole Miss on a bounceback special. They just bounced.

So here we are in week two and you can see my picks below. Obviously there are only six Big Ten games this week as Covid has already defeated Wisconsin with Nebraska along for the collateral damage.

So I’m picking two other games of interest this week. I like Cincinnati to get the win over Memphis in a big AAC game and keep Cincy’s chances at a CFP berth alive. I also like Louisville to get past Virginia Tech in a big ACC battle.

Season Record 3-5 (3-4 in Big Ten predictions)

Come back next week and see how I did in Week 2 and what my picks are for Week 3.