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Minnesota Football vs. Michigan Wolverines on 10/24 will be on FOX

Twitter is full of interesting information.

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Minnesota vs Auburn Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday! We are officially 19 days away from Minnesota’s first game against Michigan at TCF Bank Stadium. And thanks to the Twitter sleuthing of TDG’s own Blake Ruane, we know that the game will be carried on either FOX or FS1:

It’s possible you missed it, so we’re going to turn on the special TDG ZOOM-O-VISION to help out:

What do we already know?

Here’s what you should take away from this blurry section of a larger tweet image:

  • Nebraska at Ohio State was already announced as the Big Noon (ET) Saturday kickoff on FOX for 10/24.
  • Manchester United and Chelsea are playing at 11:30 am CT, which means that match will be on FS1.
  • The World Series will obviously be on broadcast FOX in the evening.

What time/channel should we expect Minnesota/Michigan?

Everything we already know above leaves the following possibilities for Minnesota:

  • The Gophers play at 3:00 pm CT on FOX. This feels like the most likely outcome. Why? The afternoon slot feels likely because I don’t see Fox choosing to schedule a marquee Week 1 Big Ten game to go up against the World Series. FOX Sports wants all the eyeballs they can get on that. Broadcast FOX feels likely as the channel because it’s a game worthy of broadcast FOX eyeballs, not FS1.
  • The game is at 2:00/2:30 pm CT on FS1. Second most likely outcome. Again, FOX isn’t going to counter program the World Series versus one of the biggest games it’s got that day. And if the Gophers and Wolverines do play in the afternoon but not on FOX, that leaves FS1.
  • We get a night game at 6:00/7:00 pm CT on FS1. I really don’t expect this.

What happens if you’re wrong?

You get to tell me about it in the comments.