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Minnesota Football: Have you ordered your Gopher fan cutout yet?

You have until Friday to order one for the Michigan game!

NCAA Football: Texas State at Boston College Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Watching sports during COVID requires some adjustment. By now you should be used to watching sports where the fans are replaced with cutouts of fans. It’s a way for professional teams to raise money for their charity arms. In college sports, it’s a way for athletics departments hard hit by COVID to raise a little extra dough for their bottom lines. And for fans, it’s a way to participate in a different way than we’re used to.

Welcome to the new 2D normal

The idea of a cutout might not be for you. First off, it costs some money which you might want to spend. But beyond that, it might just be too weird/pointless/silly for some. I can understand that.

But for me, the fan cutout idea is exactly the sort of goofy nonsense I associate with sports (especially college sports). And that’s why I’m 100% behind it. The Gophers need Zubaz clad supporters in TCF Bank Stadium. They’ll play better when the power of the maroon and gold zig zags apparel is present. It’s science. So count me in. And if you want to join in but are struggling for ideas that go beyond just yourself, Banner Society is here to help.

How can I get 2D me into TCF Bank Stadium?

The U is making it really easy. First and most important? Go here if want to purchase a cutout and submit a photo.


  • Home Game #1 vs. Michigan - October 9th @ 12pm
  • Home Game #2 vs. Iowa - October 30th @ 12pm

Other key things you should know:

  • No group photos - each photo should include only one individual.
  • No selfies - please have someone take your photograph for you.
  • Throw on your best Gopher Gear and strike a pose!
  • No other NCAA or professional sports teams logos or brands will be allowed. No advertising, business, or political brands allowed.
  • If you wear glasses, tilt your head slightly to avoid a glare and/or the camera flash.
  • Be sure to take your photo in appropriate lighting. Make sure there are no bright lights behind you from mirrors, windows, or light fixtures.
  • Make sure the photo is NOT blurry or distorted in any way.
  • Locate a solid color wall, different from the color of shirt you are wearing. Sheets/Towels/Blankets can be used as a backdrop if needed.
  • Maintain your privacy! Keep personal or private information out of the background.

There are even more FAQ answers and information you might be looking for at the U’s website. Go there now and maybe you’ll see yourself on TV.