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Big Ten Power Poll-Week 4

The Buckeyes and the Hoosiers???

Michigan v Indiana Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Ok raise your hand if you thought in any universe...even a 2020 dominated one that Indiana would be 3-0 and Penn State would be 0-3 right now? Anyone? Yeah I didn’t think so. This topsy turvy Big Ten season continues with Ohio State and Indiana the cream of the crop thus far, and Illinois, Nebraska and Penn State bringing up the rear.

Here is how I see both the East and West divisions breaking down and then at the bottom I’ll rank all 14 teams in one list.

Big Ten West:

#1 Purdue Boilermakers

Purdue remains in the top spot since they couldn’t lose and Wisconsin couldn’t win. This weeks game can definitely change that up though as the Boilermakers get Northwestern in a game to see who stays atop the West,

#2 Wisconsin Badgers

See above. No dropping as the rest of the West didn’t look amazing, but Purdue has earned that top spot in one more game than the Badgers

#3 Northwestern Wildcats

Northwestern is 3-0, but it has to WORK to get that third win at home over Nebraska last Saturday. Huge game that will probably eliminate one team from Indy considerations Saturday night against Purdue.

#4 Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa looked a lot better this week thrashing Michigan State. They get the slightly higher 1-2 spot over their opponent this week, but obviously anything can change Friday night.

#5 Minnesota Golden Gophers

Minnesota seemed to figure some things out against Illinois last week. But it was Illinois. If they can do the same this week against Iowa then we can really talk.

#6 Nebraska Cornhuskers

Nebraska is 0-2 and Illinois is 0-3. But the Huskers gave Northwestern a game last week while the Illini looked brutal against Minnesota.

#7 Illinois Fighting Illini

Illinois is not good. They are hurt, Covid riddled, and just plain not good.

Big Ten East

#1 Ohio State Buckeyes

The Buckeyes are by far the cream of the crop in the Big Ten. Frankly the way this season is playing out they really only have one more “tough game” in the conference and its from the team directly below them.

#2 Indiana Hoosiers

Indiana is actually good. Huge win over Michigan who appears to be not so good. But The Hoosiers seem to be for real. Probably not as real as Ohio State, but that’s a tall task.

#3 Maryland Terrapins

Yes, Maryland has jumped that high. Do they deserve it after getting crushed by Northwestern and then beating Minnesota and Penn State—-not really sure, but the rest of the East isn’t helping their case either.

#4 Michigan State Spartans

Sparty got killed by Iowa, but they are 1-2 and they beat Michigan who is also I guess they deserve the higher spot?

#5 Michigan Wolverines

It’s obvious Michigan is a lot worse that they appeared when they smoked Minnesota week one after back to back losses to Michigan State and Indiana. Wisconsin this week which probably won’t end well either.

#6 Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Rutgers beat Michigan State, but has lost to Indiana and Ohio State. They probably move to 2-2 this week with a win over Illinois and will be sitting better than both Michigan and Penn State. Try explaining that one to someone who just woke up.

#7 Penn State Nittany Lions

0-3 is no way to go through life son. PSU fans already want Kirk Ciarrocca to be fired and Sean Clifford benched. The Nittany Lions head to Lincoln this week in what could be an absolute schaudenfreiude fest.

Rankings 1-14 (Last Week)

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes (1)
  2. Indiana Hoosiers (3)
  3. Purdue Boilermakers (2)
  4. Wisconsin Badgers (4)
  5. Northwestern Wildcats (5)
  6. Maryland Terrapins (9)
  7. Iowa Hawkeyes (11)
  8. Michigan State Spartans (8)
  9. Michigan Wolverines (6)
  10. Minnesota Golden Gophers (13)
  11. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (10)
  12. Nebraska Cornhuskers (14)
  13. Penn State Nittany Lions (7)
  14. Illinois Fighting Illini (12)