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Minnesota Football vs Iowa Hawkeyes: Staff Predictions

And this week there are standings too!

Shame on those who did not believe that Illinois was as bad as they are. Your failure to believe in Minnesota will be reflected in the standings below.

On to Iowa.

The Predictions

This Week’s Thoughts

GoAUpher: I refuse to pick Iowa, even though I have significant concerns the defense will have it all together yet.

GopherNation: I’m optimistic. I want Floyd!

gopherguy05: My head says Iowa. My heart says Minnesota. I really hope I’m wrong and the Gophers defense is fixed. But for some reason they always seem to have trouble in close games and make just one too many mistakes against Iowa. I see the same happening here again.

Blake Ruane: I defer to my opponent preview.

Ustreet: SHOOTOUT!

zipsofakron: It’s 2020 and we’re not allowed to have nice things ever.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: This game will be dumb, but hopefully the right kind of dumb.

wildcat00: I hate picking Iowa, so this is clearly a reverse-hex kind IX thing.

mowe0018: I strongly dislike this opponent so I hope that I am wrong.

HipsterGopher: The last time a gopher running back rushed for 4 touchdowns against iowa was october 21st 1972 when John King did it. Minnesota won that game 42-14.

Season “Records” So Far

3 weeks in, here are the standings:

1) GopherNation

T2) EVERYONE ELSE (almost)

10) WhiteSpeedReceiver

Give us your own predictions in the poll below and in the comments!


What happens against Iowa?

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  • 6%
    Gophers roll to victory by 14+
    (22 votes)
  • 12%
    Gophers win comfortably, but closer
    (42 votes)
  • 33%
    Gophers win in a squeaker
    (111 votes)
  • 47%
    Iowa wins. It doesn’t matter by how much, because we hate Iowa.
    (159 votes)
334 votes total Vote Now