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Big Ten Power Poll-Week 5

Looks like we get Big Ten divisional playoffs this weekend

Northwestern v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

2020 is weird man. Penn State is sitting at 0-4, and we basically have two divisional playoff games in Week 5 of the season. Yeah lots of things still can happen, especially in this covid season, but it sure looks like the winners of Wisconsin/Northwestern and Ohio State/Indiana are sitting pretty for Indy come the end of Saturday. Maybe for everyone’s sake we should just skip right ahead?

Here is how I see both the East and West divisions breaking down and then at the bottom I’ll rank all 14 teams in one list.

Big Ten West:

#1 Wisconsin Badgers

Wisconsin got back to action against Michigan and absolutely embarrassed the Wolverines. Granted we still don’t know just how good Wisconsin is as their only two games were beating up on awful teams, but this week will tell us a lot.

#2 Northwestern Wildcats

Northwestern is now 4-0 after getting a huge win over Purdue. Is Northwestern actually good? I really don’t know. But if they can beat the Badgers then I think we can unequivocally say yes, Northwestern is good.

#3 Purdue Boilermakers

Purdue drops down to #3 with their loss to Northwestern. They get the Gophers this week, so they probably will jump back to #2 in the west by Sunday.

#4 Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa seems to have it figured out the last two weeks after the first two weeks of ugly. They are due for a total let down at Penn State this week though—unless Penn State really is that bad.

#5 Nebraska Cornhuskers

Nebraska isn’t this good. But Minnesota and Illinois sure appear to be that bad.

#6 Minnesota Golden Gophers

I have no idea what is going on with this team but it’s super bad.

#7 Illinois Fighting Illini

Illinois beat Rutgers! But they still somehow lost by almost 30 to Minnesota. That earns you the cellar.

Big Ten East

#1 Ohio State Buckeyes

The Buckeyes didn’t get a chance to add another blowout win this week due to Maryland’s COVID situation, but it does set up the game of the year this Saturday against Indiana. I can’t believe I just typed that but here we are.

#2 Indiana Hoosiers

Indiana got another easy blowout win this week over Michigan State. Now they head to Columbus in what is their equivalent of the Minnesota-Penn State game a year ago. Can they pull it off?

#3 Maryland Terrapins

Yes this really is this bad.

#4 Michigan State Spartans

Somehow this is the #4 team in the east. Woof

#5 Michigan Wolverines

For as bad as the Wolverines are they somehow are still #5 in this group—-how

#6 Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Rutgers lost to Illinois. Oh....that’s how.

#7 Penn State Nittany Lions

A reminder to Minnesota fans—-for as bad as this has been it can be worse.

Rankings 1-14 (Last Week)

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes (1)
  2. Indiana Hoosiers (2)
  3. Wisconsin Badgers (4)
  4. Northwestern Wildcats (5)
  5. Purdue Boilermakers (3)
  6. Iowa Hawkeyes (7)
  7. Maryland Terrapins (6)
  8. Michigan State Spartans (8)
  9. Michigan Wolverines (6)
  10. Nebraska Cornhuskers (12)
  11. Minnesota Golden Gophers (10)
  12. Illinois Fighting Illini (14)
  13. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (11)
  14. Penn State Nittany Lions (13)