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Minnesota Football vs Purdue Boilermakers: Staff Predictions

Welcome to the second half of the season.

What a wonderful bye week. What’s that? You’re suggesting the Gophers played Iowa last week and the standings below will reflect that? Nonsense. It was a bye week.

On to Purdue.

The Predictions

This Week’s Thoughts

GoAUpher: What’s this? A Minnesota win prediction? Don’t mind that, I’ve just moved to full homer mode now. I won’t be giving any explanation for why this will happen as I don’t have one.

GopherNation: That’s three touchdowns and three 2-point conversions.

gopherguy05: Our D sucks. Offense is ok. Same crap different Friday

Blake Ruane: I defer to my opponent preview.

Ustreet: SHOOTOUT!

zipsofakron: We’re getting back on track because I’m convinced this season will end with a few wins that do not come in trophy games.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: *******static hiss*******

wildcat00: I feel like Purdue is too high a hurdle for this team, but I’ll be happy if this proves wrong.

mowe0018: I don’t forsee a change in our fortunes. This season reflects the year 2020 so well. Let the pain reign.

HipsterGopher: Did you know in 1991 Minnesota beat Purdue 6-3? What an awful game that must have been. I hope it happens again on Saturday.

Season “Records” So Far

Halfway through the year, here are the standings:

Give us your own predictions in the poll below and in the comments!


What happens against Purdue?

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  • 30%
    Minnesota wins
    (55 votes)
  • 40%
    Purdue wins
    (75 votes)
  • 28%
    Existence is pain
    (53 votes)
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