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Minnesota Football: Big Ten Picks—Week 3

slowly getting better

Ohio State v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

I was slightly better in Week 2 than I was in Week 1 going 4-3. Still not great though. I split my non-conference selections with Cincinnati coming through for me in a big way, but Louisville couldn’t get the job done over Virginia Tech

You can see my Week 3 picks below. Once again there are only six Big Ten games this week as Covid moves to 2-0 against Wisconsin and this time Purdue takes the collateral L.

I picked a couple of Big Ten upsets this week. I’m riding the Indiana train and I think they will beat Michigan. I also have Michigan State off of a big win over the Wolverines go into Kinnick and beat Iowa. Guess we see if I’m right or not.

In my two non-Big Ten picks of the week I’m taking Georgia to beat Florida in the World’s Downsized Cocktail party. I’m also riding Clemson to beat Notre Dame in a big ranked clash.

Season Record 7-8 (6-7 in Big Ten predictions)

Come back next week and see how I did in Week 3 and what my picks are for Week 4.