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Big Ten Power Poll-Week 7

What exactly is power anyways?

Northwestern v Michigan State Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

We are still doing this huh? Another week and another pair of COVID casualties as both the Battle for the Axe and Ohio State at Illinois were wiped out. Minnesota’s next game is already cancelled with significant questions for the week after that. Wisconsin has allready been eliminated from Big Ten title contention and unless things make a significant upturn for the Buckeyes they might go down too. What a weird season.

Here is how I see both the East and West divisions breaking down and then at the bottom I’ll rank all 14 teams in one list.

Big Ten West:

#1 Northwestern Wildcats

I called Northwestern good a week ago. Sorry for the jinx Wildcat fans. Northwestern came out flat and lost to Michigan State last week. I really don’t know where to put them, they beat Wisconsin so they probably still are #1 in the west? But are they? I give up.

#2 Wisconsin Badgers

Wisconsin has a very likely win taken away from them last week and now gets an Indiana team who just lost their starting qb for the season. Enjoy whatever mid-tier bowl game you will be headed to Badgers.

#3 Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa beat Nebraska for the sixth straight season. Good for them. Still only #3 in the west. Probably.

#4 Minnesota Golden Gophers

I guess Minnesota gets to stay here for least based on last week. Again, I don’t even know what to say anymore. Do the Gophers get punished for missing at least two straight weeks of games and maybe a third?

#5 Illinois Fighting Illini

Illinois avoided getting destroyed by Ohio State. And they didn’t lose to Rutgers. That moves you up a spot this week.

#6 Purdue Boilermakers

Three losses in a row including Rutgers this week. Brutal.

#7 Nebraska Cornhuskers

Owned by Iowa again. A battle of pain this week vs Purdue and then the question mark that is Minnesota week. Good thing you wanted that season huh.

Big Ten East

#1 Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State is the best team in the east, but might not get to play in the Big Ten Championship Game because 2020. What a dumpster fire.

#2 Indiana Hoosiers

Indiana is securely in this spot, but losing Penix for the rest of the year is just so Indiana it’s not even funny. They went from loving 2020 to now wishing it would burn in a tire fire.

#3 Michigan State Spartans

Congrats to Sparty on beating Northwestern. Somehow 2-3 is the #3 team in the East. What is this?

#4 Maryland Terrapins

A loss to Indiana that isn’t embarrassing. Better beat Michigan this week.

#5 Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Rutgers knocked off Purdue. I’d be more complementary of that but so did Minnesota.

#6 Penn State Nittany Lions

Way to do what everyone other than Minnesota and Rutgers have done this year and beat Michigan Nittany Lions.

#7 Michigan Wolverines

Minnesota got smoked by this team. I give up...

Rankings 1-14 (Last Week)

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes (1)
  2. Indiana Hoosiers (3)
  3. Northwestern Wildcats (2)
  4. Wisconsin Badgers (4)
  5. Iowa Hawkeyes (5)
  6. Michigan State Spartans (7)
  7. Maryland Terrapins (6)
  8. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (12)
  9. Minnesota Golden Gophers (9)
  10. Illinois Fighting Illini (11)
  11. Purdue Boilermakers (10)
  12. Penn State Nittany Lions (14)
  13. Michigan Wolverines (8)
  14. Nebraska Cornhuskers (12)