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Minnesota Basketball: Three Keys to beating Iowa

Can the Gophers take down an incredibly talented Iowa hoops team?

NCAA Basketball: North Dakota at Minnesota Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports


The Barn


7:00 PM





Merry Christmas Gopher fans! After a nice win over St. Louis on Sunday, the Gophers get a Christmas day special against Iowa. Will Santa bring us a Gopher win for Christmas?



Luka Garza - Saying, “stop Garza” is just painfully obvious. Don’t get in foul trouble because of Garza. Don’t let Garza have his way in the lane. The guy is dominating everyone and it s fantastic college center. The Gophers have a couple big guys


Offensive Rebounding - If there is one area where Iowa struggles (at least statistically) is their defensive rebounding, which ranks 308th nationally. The last few games have been ones where they are giving up an offensive rebound around 38% of the time. Crashing the offensive glass isn’t exactly a strength of ours, but it may have to be a factor today.


Hit Threes - It is almost just this simple for the Gophers every single game this year. When they make threes, they are rather good. Good enough to take down a Final Four caliber Iowa team? Maybe, but it might take some other help.


As much as it hurts me to say so, Iowa is really good this year. Luka Garza is just a bruising beast in the paint and we really haven’t shown the ability to stop a physical big man. I fear Liam Robbins will be on the bench with foul trouble in about 2 minutes. Then Eric Curry will play safe, allowing Garze to have his way around the rim.

It is possible, but unlikely.

Minnesota - 70
Iowa - 81