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SBN Reacts: Optimism in the face of COVID

Who knew not playing Wisconsin would cheer y’all up?

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Wow. I really didn’t know missing out on Wisconsin would cheer Gophers fans up this much. The football confidence score rose from 71% to 82% following the COVID cancellation of the Border Battle.

On the basketball side, the early winning streak improved Gophers fans moods as well. Confidence in Pitino’s crew rose from 71% to 80%.

As for the wider questions?

1) What was the best football moment from last weekend?

Sarah Fuller of Vanderbilt took a plurality on this question. I don’t know who gave the most hoots about Oregon State or Iowa State, but some of you are odd.

2) What is the biggest surprise in basketball so far?

Schadenfreude options abounded, but a plurality of voters chose to laugh hardest at Virginia’s loss to San Francisco.

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