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Broken Chair Trophy Week means fun, but it also means serving & giving

Take a moment and help donate to support the cause behind the trophy!

Bits O Chair Win The Daily Gopher

I love the Broken Chair trophy. It was part of one of my favorite Minnesota Football road trips. I think its origin story is the modern equivalent of the best of the historic rivalry trophies. It’s disappearance frustrated me to no end, but it’s reemergence as a vehicle for charity has been a great story of fandom turned in a positive direction.

The thing I’ve appreciated the most about The Chair being brought back by a passionate group of Nebraska Cornhusker and Minnesota Gophers fans is their honest commitment to making the charitable aspect of The Chair a priority. It would be easy for them to set low goals and meet them, but each of the last three years the goals have been audacious. And thanks to the help of fans like you, they’ve exceeded their goal every year. COVID has changed the landscape of charitable giving, but the Broken Chair-ity continues to support the Gophers and Huskers communities.

Who does this help?

Children in and around the Minnesota and Nebraska areas. Donations for The Chair go to the Masonic Children’s Hospital at the University of Minnesota and the Team Jack Foundation. The money donated to Children’s supports the Row the Boat Fleck Family Fund, which supports patient and family programs and services including parent nights out, parent day brighteners, and other activities that lend support to children and their families. The money donated to Team Jack helps fund pediatric brain cancer research and to create national awareness for the disease.

What is this year’s goal?

This year the challenge to us as fans of the Gophers and fans of The Chair is to raise $20,000 across both fan-bases. To help add in a little fun competition, there are separate fundraising pages for both Minnesota and Nebraska fans to use so that you can see who is in the “lead” for this year’s donations. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Minnesota Fan Fundraising Page

Nebraska Fan Fundraising Page (if you’re a Husker visiting TDG, you should join in too!)

I applaud the Broken Chair team for continuing to be audacious in the face of COVID.

Please join me in supporting the goodwill message behind The Chair! Anything er as a community can do to help will be greatly appreciated!