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Minnesota Basketball: SB Nation Fan Pulse—What is your confidence in the Gophers?

it’s been a while since we checked the numbers

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Minnesota David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for not putting out the Fan Pulse voting results for a bit, but its been a heck of a 2020 thus far for some of us. With the Minnesota Golden Gophers basketball team still relatively square on the bubble when it comes to their NCAA Tournament hopes with a few weeks left in the season, now is a good time to check in and see just how you, the TDG readers have been voting on the direction of the Gopher basketball program.

As you can see its definitely been a topsy-turvy season for approval rate for the Gophers. As of this week you the TDG voters have a 67% confidence rate in the direction of the Gopher program. That’s up just a bit from 65% last week. Those numbers are both down from two weeks at 84% which occurred after the Penn State and Michigan wins. If Minnesota can win their next two homes games over Iowa and Indiana, something tells me you may see this number climb up once more.

Other Questions:

This week you were asked who you thought the best team in the Big Ten was. And it was not nearly as close as I thought it might be.

Maryland dominated the poll with a full 50% of the votes. Michigan State who has definately struggled of late still came in second with 16% and Illinois came i third with 11%. The team missing from this list? Penn State who is having a season to remember still not getting the full love as they came in fourth with 9% of the vote.

Those should be really the only serious votes, but lets laugh at the voters from the other Big Ten schools who obviously went homer on the bit considering somehow Iowa got 4% of the votes, Wisconsin got 1% and even Indiana got 3 votes. Riiiight.

The other question asked this week is what top ranked team is the biggest fraud? This one was close, and provided a few interesting answers:

Auburn 21%

San Diego State 19%

Maryland 16%

Kansas 13%

Other 11%

Dayton 9%

Louisville 6%

Lots of national voters giving the Cards and Flyers some love, but think Bruce Pearl is doing it all with smoke and mirrors. Hmmm.

At least it’s been an interesting season. You were asked if you were enjoying the season this far, and most said yes. 84 % in fact said yes, with just 16 % of you being miserable.

We will try to check in again next week after two big games for the Gophers to see how the numbers react as we get into hard core crunch time!