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Minnesota Basketball: Fan Pulse Voting Not Favorable For Gophers

Support for the Gophers from the TDG Fanbase is dropping

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

This week you the TDG readers once again voted in the SB Nation Fan Pulse voting about your confidence in the direction of the Minnesota Golden Gophers basketball program. Let’s just say the trend line of the voting the last few weeks looks about like the trend line for the stock market the last few days. Not. Good.

From a high of 84% confidence four weeks ago the Gophers have dropped precipitously down to the mid 60’s to 57% a week ago all the way down to a lone 22% approval rate this week. Mind you, this voting was taken before the Maryland game. Not. Good.

Minnesota still has three regular season games to try and bump this rating back up before the Big Ten Tournament, but with a road game at Wisconsin who just beat Michigan in Ann Arbor on Thursday night, well it won’t be easy. If they don’t get it done, this number might absolutely crater next week. Oof.

In other voting:

The Big Ten fans still think Maryland is the team to beat in the conference. Even thought the Gophers almost knocked them off Wednesday night, Maryland is the team the fans give the most confidence to as the best team in the Big Ten. Also you have to love the random trolling token one vote each for Indiana, Purdue and especially Nebraska as the best team in the conference.

Maryland 71%

Michigan 8%

Michigan State 6%

Penn State 5%

Iowa 4%

Illinois 3%

Ohio State 2%

Wisconsin 1%

Nebraska 0.3%

Purdue 0.3%

Indiana 0.3%

You were also asked this week which of the four teams out of this group deserve a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. As you can see there was fairly strong agreement for three of the four teams with Kansas, Baylor and Gonzaga all getting near or above 75% of the vote. It’s more of an open question for that 4th spot, and one that will come down th the final weekend of the season one would expect.

Kansas 86%

Baylor 85%

Gonzaga 74%

San Diego State 47%

Dayton 37%

Duke 30%

Maryland 23%

Florida State 19%