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BIG Strength and Conditioning Social Isolation Strength Challenge Week 3

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 10 Indiana State at Minnesota Photo by Matt Blewett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We are back with Gopher Strength’s BIG Strength and Conditioning Challenging. As mentioned last week, Goldy remains the strongest mascot in the country. He’s practicing push-ups on zoom to stay alert.

Here is the challenge for the week.

A couple of points on this workout. First, it is focused on a long isolation hold. Make sure to breathe deeply through your nose while stretching. This may be slightly difficult if you or your loved ones have not showered in over a month due to quarantine. Second, the push-up squat complex should be done smoothly. Avoid going to quickly out of the gate and then collapsing early, much like the goal of eating healthy during social distancing turned into exclusively Ben and Jerry pints by week 2.

The challenge also suggests a good one mile walk. A mile is 5,280 feet. The average human stride is about 2.5 feet. That means if you pace around your kitchen in circles for an hour you should hit a mile. Bonus points for taking a picture with your refrigerator.