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BIG Strength and Conditioning Social Isolation Strength Challenge Week 2

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 03 Women’s Michigan State at Minnesota

We are back with Gopher Strength’s BIG Strength and Conditioning Challenging. As mentioned last week, our mascot is the strongest mascot in the country. Look at that bicep flex.

Here is the challenge for the week.

GoAUpher has informed all of us that he regularly cracks eggs for omelettes with his biceps, so the challenge should not be difficult for him.

Should you not have access to a pull up bar, which is reasonable because gyms used to exist in the world, there are a few modification that can be done. All of these also apply to those who cannot do a pull up/chin up. First, if you have resistance bands, you can substitute out for high pulls. Stand on the band, and pull the bands to your chin. Here’s an example.

Alternatively, if you have a solid enough table, you can turn this exercise into bodweight rows. See below.