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BJ Greenlee is transferring

Departure technically leaves Gophers without a point guard

First Drew Peterson, now Bryan Greenlee. Just a few weeks ago the Gophers looked pretty flush with bodies, now with Greenlee announcing his intent to transfer the 2020-21 roster is looking a bit thinner.

Citing a lack of playing time, Greenlee told Richard Pitino that he’s decided to leave the program and seek greener pastures. But while he was little more than a bit player last season, averaging fewer than three minutes per game, Greenlee’s departure technically leaves the Gophers without a point guard.

That’s right. With Marcus Carr testing the draft waters and no real guarantee he’ll be back, Greenlee was the lone true point guard remaining on the roster. Carr is expected to return, but even then you gotta wonder how Pitino will add depth at the position.

Greenlee is the second guard to transfer since the end of last season, following Payton Willis out the door. Greenlee was a three-star recruit out of Gainesville, Fla., but never really got a lot of run to establish himself and was merely adequate in those minutes.