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Minnesota football players speak out on Twitter with season on the brink

Things are starting to heat up

NCAA Football: South Dakota State at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

With the news that the Big Ten presidents are ready to pull the plug on the fall football season and that other Power 5 conferences could follow suit, several student-athletes took to Twitter to make their voices heard, including players from Minnesota.

True freshman defensive back Michael Dixon was one of the first to speak out, echoing the #WeWantToPlay hashtag that has become a rallying cry for certain players who feel that their desire to play, knowing the risks, is not being taken into account.

Redshirt freshman defensive back Solomon Brown seemed to question the need for a hashtag, suggesting that the desire to play is inherent in being a scholarship student-athlete.

Grad transfer cornerback Benjamin St.-Juste, one of the leaders of the College Athletes United group, Tweeted his lack of surprise at the current state of affairs.

True freshman defensive back Abner Dubnar shared a statement first promoted by Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. The statement, which purports to have support from players across the Power 5 conferences, calls for universal health and safety procedures and protocols, in addition to establishing a college football players association.

Redshirt senior cornerback Coney Durr explained why he has serious reservations about playing during a pandemic, citing the impact it could have on his NFL Draft status as a player building his draft stock.

Junior defensive back Jordan Howden co-signed Durr's Tweet.

Redshirt junior wide receiver Chris Autman-Bell and redshirt sophomore linebacker Braelen Oliver, both watching the whirlwind of events unfold on Twitter, seemed to weigh in with their takes.

Opinions are going to vary among players, as everyone's situation is unique, but one thing is for certain: They are tired of not having a seat at the table and a voice in the discussion. That could be about to change.